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Participate in our Earth Day Community Building Festival!

April 22, 2023
Earl Haig Community Garden
101 Market St S, Brantford, ON

The aim of the Earth Day Community Building Festival is to bring local businesses, organizations, and clubs together in one place to allow for networking and community building. City of Brantford residents will have the chance to explore various local opportunities, including volunteer positions, new businesses, clubs, teams, etc. We will have live music, food vendors, shopping, and lots of community building!

Equal Ground Community Gardens is a nonprofit organization operating in the City of Brantford and Brant County. We initiate and facilitate community gardens across the city and county. Currently, we operate 19 public sites in partnership with the City and County, and 9 private sites. Our newest project is our Greenhouse and Learning Centre Coordinator which should be located at our largest community garden. 

We look forward to hosting this event, building community, and reaching more residents!

Apply as a market vendor

Apply as a food vendor

Apply as an organization, club, or team

Register as a volunteer

Participate in our Earth Day Community Building Festival: Projects
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